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Expert Certifications

Certifications are in-depth studies within a specific area of study. We developed these certifications to have specific academic learning outcomes, required practical application, and demonstrate competencies during your studies.

The Faculty sets clear expectations of the materials that are to be learned that provides an experience for you to have a base set of skills and practical knowledge throughout their education.

Our certifications will expand your knowledge, you will find them useful in enhancing your career or begin to branch into the cannabis industry.

Advance your career with us, knowing that we are devoted to consistently delivering to you the paramount education for the cannabis industry.

Our All-Access Learning Pass includes:

Budtender Certification

Budtenders and cannabis professionals working in the cannabis industry should know at minimum the information that is in this certification, this interactive certification has more videos, pictures, and learning activities than any other online Budtender training.

Greenhouse Grower Certification

This certification will define and enforce the integrity of the greenhouse process to assure cannabis is grown with quality, safety and designed to give growers the information needed to cultivate greenhouse gardens.

Indoor Hydroponic Grower Certification

You will learn it is 20% hydroponic & 80% horticulture skills with modern technology and its application to growing plants, with emphasis being placed on hydroponics using less manpower and is produced under controlled conditions using systems.

Indoor Soil Grower Certification

This certification is for becoming an expert in the craft of growing cannabis indoors with soil, it is more in-depth about indoor soil growing, modules range from room design, harvesting, curing, and more.

Outdoor Grower Certification

Our certification guide you to production in every aspect under the sun, to a light deprivation greenhouse, faculty guide you through content that will expand your knowledge base to successfully cultivate cannabis outdoors.

Master Indoor Certification

Our faculty have advanced experience with indoor cultivation, design and building experience, they know the latest indoor/outdoor production equipment and techniques.

Master Grower Certification

Designed to help small growers safely and inexpensively enter the emerging legal market, learn sustainable agricultural and cultivation standards intended for growers in states that have legalized recreational or medical cannabis production.

Interactive Programs

Our programs provide a big picture analysis and specific application of the important concepts for you to learn.

Our programs designate a thorough understanding within the context of your learning objectives. By completing our programs, it will boost your credibility in the industry and provide you the knowledge for success.

All-Access Learning Pass includes:

Marijuana Pests, Fungi and Diseases Marijuana Seeds and Seedlings Marijuana Soil and Containers Marijuana Vegetative Growth
Marijuana Water and Nutrients Medical Marijuana Legalities Phoenix Tears Outdoor Marijuana
Marijuana Air Marijuana Breeding Marijuana Hash and Medicine Marijuana Hydroponics Gardening
Cannabis Chemistry Harvesting Marijuana Indoor Grow Room and Greenhouse Light, Lamps and Electricity

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